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Films for Good Portfolio

FIlms for Good is a film production company modestly dedicated to developing films which "change the world". We focus on mini-documentaries that highlight the wonderful work done by non profit organizations throughout the world. We also believe it is important to have visual records of our loved ones, and we have developed several "video portraits" of seniors - as well as children. Our love for music shows through our work; we generally add a soundtrack and are always looking to partner with talented musicians to use or spotlight their art. We are also in the process of developing a couple of documentaries about two of our favorite subjects - music and peace. Further information can be found at and . This portfolio contains samples - usually edited - of our work in fund raising, music, and video portraits.


Childhood Cancer is the leading cause of death among children - and one which absolutely can be beaten with more effective research for cures. Eliana Nunley, a survivor of leukemia as a young child, is not content with being living proof of that fact. A few years ago, she started "Gold Day" in her school, an annual event to raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer research - in particular for the Samuel Jeffers Foundation, which is specifically focused on helping fund cancer research.
In this film, Chloe, another survivor, dressed in gold for her school's gold day, innocently tells you "There's kids that still have cancer". How can you not help more children like Chloe survive?

Want to bring Gold Day to your school or district? Contact Danya at